Project Profiles


Project Profiles


Since the business began in 2000, FLG Networking Services has completed many significant networking projects. A few of these are described below.


High-Density Wireless


One of our clients, a Public School District in western Kansas, has kept us busy with a series of wireless projects. The District recently asked us to develop a plan to expand the District wireless system to support an iPad for every student. We were able to implement changes to the Cisco controller-based network to provide the requested level of coverage, bandwidth, and support for the anticipated number of wireless clients.


We were also asked to provide a high-density wireless environment for a 2000-seat auditorium. We were able to meet the design request using multiple dual-radio access points and directional patch antennas. This will allow the District to conduct large-scale in-service sessions with all participants connected wirelessly.


Core Network Upgrade


For another K-12 School District client, we replaced an older 6509 core switch with a new 6509E chassis switch with the latest Cisco Supervisor-2T. The project also involved migrating the school network uplink connections from a shared network segment to individual dark-fiber links. This project was successfully completed and the client reports significant performance improvements.


One of our earliest projects was to develop a new campus LAN design for one of Cerner Corporation's clients, a Pennsylvania hospital. We prepared a LAN design based on the Cisco "three-layer model" that provides high-performance, increased redundancy, and increased flexibility for the client. The design employed redundant Cisco 6509 gigabit-ethernet switches at the "Core" and "Distribution" layers, and Cisco 4507 switches at the "Access" layer.


The client was pleased with the design because it solved a critical hot site network failover issue, and has now migrated the entire campus network. An added benefit is that they can now work on much of their network outside of their limited maintenance window.


Security Perimeter Design


Another client asked us how they should prepare for gigabit Internet connectivity. We recommended that they install a pair of the newest Cisco ASA5545-X firewalls, and leverage features such as Cisco Identity Firewall, Botnet Traffic Filtering, and external firewall logging. The client accepted all of our recommendations and we have now implemented them.


In 2009, FLG Networking Services worked with the network team from AT&T on the network upgrade for the renovated Kaufman Stadium. We assumed responsibility for setting up wireless security for the Cisco wireless controllers, installing redundant ASA5520 firewalls, and reestablishing connectivity to Major League Baseball and through a DMZ. We also worked to bring up the electronic signage, kiosks, and gift card machines for the ticketing booths.


Controller-Based Wireless


FLG Networking Services embraced the Cisco wireless controller approach to implementing wireless networks shortly after Cisco made them available. By 2009, we had designed and installed a number of enterprise-class wireless networks for our clients, all based on the Cisco family of wireless controllers and lightweight access points.


All of our installations employed industry-standard encryption and authentication techniques. In one case, a Cisco RADIUS server was used for 802.1x authentication. In several other cases, a pair of Microsoft IAS RADIUS servers was used for 802.1x authentication.


Our clients like the ability to manage their access points from one location. They are also pleased that they can detect rogue access points, monitor RF interference (with Cisco Clean Air technology), and rely on the controller to balance transmit power and adjust wireless frequency bands.